[9.5/10] Probably the best GTA game to hit the PSP console, the game works just fine both Single and Local.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars PSP
When I saw the first trailer of GTA Chinatown Wars on PSP i didn't though that i will be so addicted to this Game i completed this game twice on PSP once with cheats and the second Time without !!

- The Details -

* Graphics - 90/100
The Graphics in this Games are made artistically which Went out very beautiful the cars, characters all went out Very Beautiful !!

* Gameplay - 95/100
Sharp Controls !! This Game have a great controls The driving is fun, the shooting is awesome also you can Swim. Probably the Most Fun Part of The Game was Drug Dealing I Enjoyed it very much also you earned a lot of money !!!

* Sound - 90/100
The Sound Effects are Not Impressive but The radio tracks went really great some of the music are from the familiar DJ's like DJ Khalil and More !!

* Design - 95/100
The World is Really Familiar to GTA IV instead of 4 islands this game have 3 islands but it looks really Great every street in this Game is Well Made

* Story - 95/100
As I Said In Most of My Rockstar Games Reviews they Never Disappoint !! Good Job Rockstar Games !!!

Final Rate of 9.5/10
a Must Have for a PSP owner, Sandbox Games Fan and GTA Fan !

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