The GTA game you come and love but on your phone!!! The game offers what you come to expect from a GTA game.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars IP
This is just amazing App for an iPhone that one you need to own. If you are a GTA fan and you never had a chance to play this latest installment of GTA pick it up because it's a steal for $9.99. The game offers all the great stuff that DS and PSP version has to offer except for the multilayer but they might end up putting it in through an update. The game has all of the crazy missions, side mission, and all the other good stuff the other two version of the game offer.
Graphics wise this is an amazing looking game for a phone it even looks better then the DS version but just slightly off from PSP. The city feels alive you will see pedestrians taking pictures of the city, taking umbrellas out when it rains, and etc. This is a full Liberty City experience you would expect from a console version of the game.
The touch screen controls are something you just have to get use to. In this version you can have a custom play list and listen while you are playing the only problem it does offer shuffle so every time you start the game it will just start to play the way you got your list set up, hopefully they fix it with an update. For $9.99 go ahead and pick this game up you would not regret it.