Great solo and multiplayer! Keeps you busy for ages

Fantastic sequel and in my opinion, has improved from the first, which i didnt think was possible. The story kicks off again, this time in a more warzone setting, with more army-like vehicles and soldiers, it really gives of a more epic and intense feel to the game.

Graphics are exceptional and the combat is far too good! Its fast, intense and very brutal! Perfect. The addition of being able to pick up a wounded locust to use as a meat shield is excellent. Also they've taken a focus with the lancer guns this time round with there being the possibility of getting locked in a button bashing chainsaws duels against the locust, which is brilliant fun.

Then theres the multiplayer with horde mode. You won't be disappointed! Theres also plenty of downloadable maps on x-box live for you to get you're hands on.

Overall, this game sucks you in with a great and sometimes moving story, [i know, its just a game] a fantastic multiplayer and plenty of achievements to keep you going long after you've played through it.