Need I say more? Imagine when Homeworld and Master Of Orion combine would be?

The game is great! The learning curve is somewhat ok (not too hard and not too simple). At first you'll be overwhelmed by all the informations that require your attention. The researching part is good, the AI is not bad, the best part is that most of your units have auto cast options which would allow them to use their abilities in their best of situations. It doesn't require a powerful machine to run it. (I'm playing the game on my laptop - 1.4Ghz Centrino with a 32Mb shared build in intel graphics adapter and 1Gb DDR 400 Ram)

I've created a map using the beta Galaxy Forge 1.01, it was effortless. It's too cool to say anything more.

Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 10.0
Replayability - 10.0

The best part is that you'll not be fiddling with the "why is my copy not recognized by the computer(copy protection)". They trust the buyers that they allow them to backup fully the original copy and mind you, it's one of the best sellers even without any copy protection unlike other games.

Totally awesome!!!