Same solid combat system, lacks action and difficulty.

PoP: Warrior Within is without a doubt a good game. A good game, but certainly not a great game. With very good graphics and the same well designed combat system as the one before it, it can be considered a worthy sequel.

The grim, dark atmosphere of the prince was a different and satisfying change from the prince of the first game. The storyline was satisfying though not very compelling, but held the game together rather nicely.

The main flaw in this game is a lot of nothing. Travelling from area to area, facing down simple, and easy enemies, just didn't appeal. Even with the difficulty turned up a bit it was the same boring opponent. None of the monsters were remotely satisfying and thats where the problems were. The gaps between action were also quite unbearable, and prince seemed to take acrobatics and jumping from ledge to ledge from interesting to repetitive and boring.