Problems = Mediocre Graphics, Generic Voice overs, Stupid enemys, Poor sound and well the problems just keep on coming.

In my opinion this game is just half a**ed. I can see were the people who made the game were going but they eather ran out of time or just stoped working period. The prologe starts the problems. Your allies and people around you look cheap and generic with square graphics and no facial texture. The Voices of the carecters some times good is overwhelmed by the Cheap generic tuff guy voice of your charecter and the commanders around you. Many of the weapons in the game have very off noises. The .50cal (wich is the only mounted weapon you come acrost in the game aside form the minigun you get to use in one levle for a breef moment) Wich in reel life is very powerfull and loud the sound in this game is cheap and the sound is way off and sounds like a rattleing chain wich realy realy sucks. All the other weapons in the game sound Very week and off but some of the wepons in this game sound very good. The sniper rifles sound okay but the bolt action sounds like a toy. All the other wepons in the game have no force full bark of many modern wepons and sound cheap and made up. You can use the iorn sights on many of the guns but not on the pistols, the shotgun and the LMGs like the SAW wich is known for being light and more like an asault rifle. As for the enemys in the game they are very stupid and take almost nothing to kill wich makes you wonder why the give you machein guns in the game because you can kill them in less than one shot. you put a shot into a person with another person behind them it will kill both. As for Multi player wich is the only good part of the game, The levles are Huge and there are alot of them wich is cool and there are alot of game modes you can play but the life meater is very stuborn and it also takes one or two shots to die. Over all this game is not very good and the only good thing about the game is the multi player but even thats not the best think in the game.