A brilliant game, the only down side is the massive amount of glitches and the graphics on character models.

Prince of Persia Rival Swords is an excellent game. It contains a massive
story line, incredible scenery graphics and great game play. Bouncing around rooftops to drop down on an unsuspecting enemy and perform a double
kill never real gets old. There are many drawbacks to PoP though, the graphics on character models in very unimpressive and the camera controls can take a while to get used to. But the biggest let down of PoP is the incredible amount of sound and visual glitches, and crashes which can become very frustrating when the game crashes for the third time or you miss the audio on an entire series of cut scenes. Another problem is the real hard difficulty when exploring new areas, it seems that you are expected to know some move that you haven't been thought sometimes and that can become very annoying. All and all PoP is an excelent game though and if it wasn't for these issues i would be rating it 10/10.