This was the last of the overhead GTA's....but still a great fun little game to play

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto 2 PC
This was the best for the longest on the PC. It was hard, it was fun, it was carnage, it even had a humorous radio stations to listen to. I know everyone wants an "hizzuzi" after play GTA2 for even the shortest amount of time. But anyway let's get down to business. Gameplay: Its not much different than that of the first one. You take jobs from telephones, kill gangsters, and that changes how each of the gangs feel about you. The one thing that I thought was a little too sensative was the aspect. You couldn't tell the difference in anger towards you if it was one bar or 5 bars. The second you got a -1 rating towards a gang, they hunted you down. However, to have your allied gang(s) fight and help you, the + symbol had to be flashing. Graphics: Again not much different than the 1st one. The sprites were a little more polished, and the cars a little more smoother, but nothing much different than the first, but just enough to make it a nicer thing to look at since all you see are streets and rooftops. Sound: The sound was alright, it was slurred to me, but that gave the impression of a bussling city with lots of things going on. The cars all sounded different, as well as the weapons. The script that the sprites would say weren't too in depth, you would think every male sprite you punched were a brother of the previous. The Radio is what really made this game. Its funny, catchy, and brillliant. Value: With tons of missions, tons of destruction to cause, this game can easily be played for months, and with it being 10 bucks to get both GTA1, GTA2 and GTA: London expansion you can't beat this game with a stick. Reason for tilt: I tilted to 10 just for the simple reason, of the shear carnage you can inflict in the game. The amount of space to explore, and the number of secret hideaways are just outrageous.