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  • Review Score:8.5

    GTA II

    1999 who knew that in two years time after the realease of GTA II we would of had GTA III, a massive technological success. GTA II was different than the GTA we know today. Still following in its predecesors footsteps... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:2.4

    If it wasn't for the Gameboy Color...good thing it came out on Playstation and Dreamcast, ain't it?

    Game Review-Gameboy Color-Grand Theft Auto II Review 61 Released: 2000 Developers: Rockstar Games, Tarantula Studios Game Genre: Modern Action Adventure Story Just like the first game, you pick a character... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:1

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME I BEG OF YOU!!! The screen is so tiny you can't see anything. Even if you have a GBA and make the screen bigger. The worst part of the game is that you KILL cops, the people who protect you. Someone ... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:6

    Not The best game in the world !!!!

    This Game is good on somethings but also very bad on some things !!! The Graphics and the Gameplay its what makes this game so bad. The gameplay is hard to learn and hard to handl and it makes you get dead or caught to ... Read Full Review

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