simply briljant fun !

User Rating: 9 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
I bought yesterday the grandslam tennis + wii motion plus bundle.

I am very happy with the game till now. The Cartoony players look, move and sound like the real players. Online play is possible and works without lag. The minigames are a lot of fun. And it's nice to play against characters like Mc Enroe, Edberg, Stich and Navratilova. The Commentary is done by Pat Cash.

I started a character in easy mode and after loosing the first matches I started to win. Now I am playing the semi final at Wimbledon.

The gameplay is not very realistic but for the first time there is a tennis game for the wii that is playable and gives you a real feeling of playing tennis.

There are a lot of extra's in the game and four player (party-mode) is possible. King of the hill is my favourite.

If you want to play a more realistic tennis game maybe virtua tennis 2009 is an option. I did not try that one. And have no need to do that.