Hmm...Very Aggressive. Definitely not your typical Wii Sports..

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Slam Tennis WII
This is My opinion and review of this game.

Three words to describe it are.. - Aggressive, addictive, competitive.

Score Rating : 9.5

- 0.2 For simple mistakes.
- 0.2 1/2 For " Rough start " when beginning the game.
- 0.1/2 For...Well, customization..

" This isn't your typical Wii Sports tennis we're dealing with..."
That is one of the first quotes I've said to describe a part of this game...Unlike simply moving the Wii remote, hoping for your tennis racket to hit the ball, this game requires much more strategy. Running ( Forcing your Wii remote to move left or right ) and certain hits with the Wii remote ( Tennis racket ) make your hits more intense and more accurate in which way you'd actually like to make the ball land on the opponent's side of the field, instead of just..You know, hit the ball , opponent hits back , hit the ball, Ooo lucky! - The opponent Actually missed this time!...No , its nothing like that..
You know that soreness in your arm after playing Wii Sports Tennis about five to ten times a day when you're in that addiction of the game..? Well imagine that soreness after playing EA Sport's Grand Slam Tennis about a good three times a day, no more..
I'll briefly explain the game as fun, addicting, and realistic. Feels like you're actually playing Tennis, no Wii game....

Now time for the problems.......
( - 0.2 For simple mistakes. ) : Well, we all pretty much know that every Tennis simulated video game isn't perfectly-Perfectly like actual Tennis. You know that it very Very much seems like the opponent gets some free Outs. What I mean by this is, the opponent gets an out - BUT, the game Continues as if nothing happened! Now just because it seems like this , it isn't always true...Unless You get an Out and the game does still continue..Now you know its a small problem because in a video game where you're going to try to win against an AI, that computer will try anything to make you not gain any points what so ever.
Another small problem is well, sometimes you're not ready to Serve the ball yet in order to start the game, but your character will automatically do it by which ever itty-bitty movement you make with the Wii remote.

( - 0.2 1/2 For " Rough start " when beginning the game. ) : Hey, when you buy / rent a brand new ( or at least seems brand new to you ) , you know you want to jump start and play the game...Well lets play!...
.....Okay, im playing against Real Tennis players on this game, and unlike other sports games who create Real-Life Athletes onto the game and makes them seem like they're just like every other player on the game with very little, or absolutely No differences with any other player, This game Actually makes these Tennis ball players pretty challenging and aggressive, as if you're really playing them In Person...Now, this is realistic and also a plus, but certainly not for beginners..Yes there is an Easy, Medium, Hard mode; But easy truly seems like medium, medium seems like hard, and hard seems like very hard mode in this particular game - Which is why you keep trying and trying, and what do you know..? Your arm is killing you the next few days..
*Heres a tip, when beginning to understand and play the game, make another random character with no "stars", just like you. A hint for this is to make the character have a funny name and/or make him/her look un-attractive so when you score, you can be as aggressive and name calling as you'd like.

( - 0.1/2 For...Well, customization.. ) : One thing I do truly love about video games is customization. For me, the principle for customization is if you're going to add it into a game, make it very well and have many things for the player to customize. Either that, or make it simple and snazzy. Well, in this game, you can customize your player. But the problem is when you do customize this player in order to look like You, theres not many options at all and in the end the character looks pretty much nothing like you. If you don't mind it much to make a character look like you, then its not much of a problem. One more problem about this is that the unlockable items ( In clothing. ) are just a variation of simple colors.

This is the end of my review. Overall, I rated this game a 9.5 out of 10 mainly because of it being pretty realistic, addicting, and fun.