GPS Car stat hack, Research data hack [iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch]

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System requirements: Jailbroken device Grand Prix Story app GamePlayer How to get GamePlayer: Open Cydia>Sources>edit>add Enter After adding, done. Open the sources that you just make Search in "G" category After that, tap install>confirm Wait, then out from app, you should see an app with key as the app named GamePlayer Hack research data: Open Game player, start grand prix story Load your saved game Check how many RD you have Put the value of the research data to the value box Notice that you will have a lot of data Open the game Spend your RD until the value change as desired Open GamePlayer Put the new value of RD to the value box You should get more less data that you can see it all Find a address that have a DWB letter ( has 2 same number ) Tap on the selected address, wait 10 seconds since it a trial version. Change the value to any value s desired ex:999 Find another one similar to the first one Do the same as the first one Done, now check your research data GOOD LUCK I will update the car stat hack since I only can hack ACC and HNDLING