Grand ages Rome is a game worth playing but it suffers from a few set backs including unoriginal gameplay.

User Rating: 7 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
When I review a game I try not to compare it to others but with Grand Ages Rome I couldn't help it. I've played many games like this that and superior and inferior to this game (Civ city, CaesarIV, Imperium etc.).

First thing I looked for in this game was the soundtrack which was good and suited the game, again i'm comparing it to other games when I say that (Civ city's soundtrack is a mess). After playing the game for 10 minutes my town center got set on fire and game over. It took me too log to realise that criminals set fires randomly and that it was pure luck that the building they burned was the one building I couldn't live without. I have to say its one of the most annoying features of this game. The buildings were accurate and challenging to get and the graphics are better then average. The campaign was fun and interesting, and the military was amazingly complex.

One of the only two problems I really had with this game was that the goals were to easy to achieve and the rewards were dumb. It was also possible to get all rewards just by typing in a cheat. Which brings me to my second problem. The cheats in this game are insane. One cheat gives you all resources, one cheat gives you all researches, and one cheat give your character all abilities. Well why does that matter? because by its self the game isn't amazingly fun in the challenge department so every time I play campaign or a single game I find myself tempted to use the cheats.

All in all the game has it's ups and downs and is nothing compared to Caesar IV but it still managed to entertain.