GA Rome is a good game to play if you're not looking for strategy battling.

User Rating: 8 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
At the beginning you'll have some trouble (it could become somewaht annoying) on maintaining the city without fire: too much workers or too much work, no entertainment or lack of food. Praticians leaving the city because of lack of cloths and olive oil, equites not satisfied because of poor life quality. But, as you play, you'll find the balance to keep the whole city satisfied and the micromanagement will turn easier. The battles are easy, there're practically no tactics or strategy, that's the weakest part of the game from my point of view. But the city building and the campaign are real fun and it's quite challenging until you master how the city works; and how the city works makes sense. If you are a history lover, you also like good visuals and you are not specifically looking for a strategy battles game, getting Grand Ages Rome is fun for sure. I had lots of it.