This game is true to it's times...Harsh and brutal, so is the way citizens are with you...

User Rating: 5.5 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
I've bought the game after I played the demo and I am extremely upset. The first thing I noticed is that my buildings were catching on fire, as I kept tearing down the buildings before more caught on flame I noticed there were no wells or ways to put out the fires. Once I realized it was that some of my people were mad about religion, I was attacked by Barbarians and watched them crush through my line and set even more buildings on fire.

This game is just plain hard... Ince you understand the concepts of the builder, they make it even harder that every building has a radius of usage, anything too far and you'll have the mob at your back. that ruins the game too because the terrain is unforgivable, you must place each building according to plan...

I've handled stronghold, starcraft, sim city, tropico but this game truely is a NOT buy! Don't get turned on by the demo like i did. At first you can handle things in this game, but there are too many factors running against you and before you can respond your people start tearing down builidngs... or the barbarians are humping your corpse by midday. If they just toned down on the needs of the people or at least an easier way to please them this game woulding be so bad...Its really hard to even get a good size army going without you pissing anyone off.

I've been tricked by these fools into purchasing this game, they stole 10$ from me out of false advertisement, I should have these developers crucified for thier sheer stupidity and laziness on making this game... I bite my thumb at thee you scoundrels!