this game seems like a played it before

User Rating: 6.5 | Grand Ages: Rome PC
I personly enjoy city building games. the economy part of the city is very easy and basic. Your resources are easy to get you just got to put the right amount of building up. I like how you can place the building close to one another and it make a auto road for you. the graphic are surpurb wonderful job on that aspect. the warfare is pretty basic aswell more point and click and your men do the job. it is fun taking over town always! they could of gone A little further with thier people in the city. For example in CivCity rome you can click on the person find out their info and where they work. with this game the people just kinda do thier own thing and u don't have much control. i wish they went more in depth with the people of the town but we can have it all i guess. so all said it done this game is alright but wait im not done there is a game called Imperial Romanum and this game is sooo similar it is hard to find the diffrence between the two. i wish they come up with something diffrent because these city building games are becoming very repeative. so i suggest this game to someone that is new to city building but if you play these types of game regularly don't but this game it will be a huge disappointment