NOT Career Mode WHAT???????????????

User Rating: 2 | Gran Turismo PSP
Yeah NOT Career Mode WHAT??????????????? Only 4 Cars On The Track Terrible Car List Skylines \ Supras 60 Skylines nsx And The Same Old Cars No 2010 or 2009 vehicles on This Piece Of Shi#&. VERY BORED Challenges
SO Bad And Bored Game 1 Ferrari 1 lambo No Porshes This is So bad!

what with the 800 cars and all? That's pretty much all you're getting with the game - cars and tracks. There's no proper career mode. There isn't a reason (or even ability) to buy a car and gradually upgrade it to compete in bigger and better events. It's just racing, and largely without a good reason for doing so, especially when you consider that the experience had to be boiled down to the PSP's hardware and control abilities. No career mode of any sort. You can't easily tell which cars you have. Beating all of the more than 100 challenge events nets you nothing