Gran Turismo remains as a top PlayStation game.

User Rating: 8.1 | Gran Turismo PS
Simulation mode is extremely addictive once you get going. Sure, it's unrealistic; I souped up my GTO Twin Turbo '96 until it had 1200 horsepower, but what's bad about that? The racing mechanics rock out loud, there are plenty of cars, but, you only start out with four tracks you can race in multiplayer, which is, like, WAY not enough. C'mon, Polyphony...

Very good in this respect, especially the excellent replays. I would play this game and race just so I could see all of the cool angles and stuff on the replays. The graphics are astounding for the game's time.

SOUND: 7/10
The songs are okay, I guess, and the sounds are really great. But, this game definetly could've done with an upgraded soundtrack. Still, the soundtrack isn't really a huge issue.

VALUE: 9/10
This game is extremely replayable; I got it five years ago and still play it occassionally, even in this age of GameCube and PS2 and Xbox.

TILT: 9/10
The game can sometimes be very frustrating and tough, but in the end, it's a wholly rewarding experience. Anybody looking for a nice racing game and doesn't mind not-so-cutting-edge graphics, take a look at this. You won't be disappointed.