Well this game was very good. There were not very many weakness, and a very good story line. Definitaly worth playing.

Well this game was good. It was first shooter and it had everything, from killing aliens, to blowing up huge machines, and very a good story line. Yes, a good story line lol i really liked the way they described the game and the whole situation involving the aliens. And of course they left it open for another game to follow, which i heard was supposed to be very better. The things i liked about the game were of course the story, and also the sound. It might sound a little weird to say that but all the noises around made you feel like you were actually there!! which i found every impressive. But another thing would be the overall difficulty. I played the game on normal and it was prefect. There were some levels and stages i passes effortlessly then there were others that took me forever to get them figured out. Another point with this game is that there isnt much stealth involved at all, it was mostly running around and killing the aliens before you died (but there was alot of health and ammo around, which really helped!!). It took just over 20 hours for me to finish the game, which makes it the perfect amount of time to spend on this kind of game. Overall it was just a solid PlayStation 3 game, especially for being one of the first games out, and i would definitely recommend it to others, expecially if they like first shooter games.