A great game that everyone should get.

After i played Fallout New Vegas i spent a good 200 hours plus on this game. This game includes great dialogue choices, fun combat, and other opportunities.
You play as a courier who was supposed deliver a platinum chip. But on your way you get shot by a man named Benny. A doctor brings you get brought back to life. You must find your killer and see what the platinum chip's purpose. But of course Fallout New Vegas has great side quests to. Each quest can last half an hour. Main quest can last hours. Also you have a huge world to explore which will give you even more hours of gameplay, depending on how much you want to explore. There are also hidden special weapons and armor to find in the wasteland giving even MORE time on this game. The wasteland in New Vegas is some what like the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3, just set in the desert. You will fight the same enemies but this time less super mutants because they all retreated to a town that i don't want to spoil. New Vegas introduces new weapons, which are a big more modern than the ones in Fallout 3. Even better you can get mods for your guns to make them look even cooler. New Vegas also introduces factions. The main ones are the New California Republic (NCR) and Ceasers legion. Of course you can join other factions but you mainly can only join one at a time. You can join one, see how it turns out, betray them and move onto a next faction. Fallout is also known for multiple endings and New Vegas gives you that choice. The problem is like Fallout 3 is that once your done with the story you cant continue it, so that means you have to have a saved profile before you finish the game. Also character models aren't realistic and detailed. This game also has huge lags and glitches. Sometimes missions don't get updated therefore not finishing the mission. But these issues don't happen to often. The game reuses voice actors so expect one character to sound like the next. But those are small issues that can be dealt with. Last you have the amazing VATS targeting system. It works as great as it did in Fallout 3 so you can expect fun with blowing enemies heads of in slow motion. All in all Fallout New Vegas is a great RPG that anyone will enjoy.