Just as good as SH3, only boosted in Graphics. However read if your interested in buying

Where do i start?

Well, to make it short and snappy but interesting i'll start with a short comparison to SH3. ( Silent Hunter 3 )

SH3 if you know is based on a Ger. Sub Commander where you set out on missions to do your objective. But, whilst doing this you can explore anywhere you want and take which ever route you choose.

So is SH4 a totally new gameplay? No

So then, is SH4 the same as SH3 ? Maybe. - So Why Maybe?

Well, to answer your question - SH4 has 90% the exact same gameplay and 100% same control keys. Only its based in the Pacific Campaign against IJN.

The huge change ? Well it hast to be the graphics. SH4 needs an amazing computer if you want to play it to the full.

And really, its nice to enjoy something different after playing SH3. So you should really play SH4 on full graphics.

= Great PC + Graphics Card

To summerise it up;

SH4 compared to SH3 - 5/10

SH4 on its own - 8/10

New to the world of Silent Hunter?

If great PC, get SH4

If not, you'll enjoy SH3 more than SH4 since its easier and just as fun.