More content than I expected, Gamespot undderates it.

User Rating: 9 | Gran Turismo PSP
Now this game packs much more in it than I expected, firstly the lack of Career mode is made up for by lots of challenges, and some fun arcade style racing. This game deserves a higher rating than 7.5 just because of the large amount of tracks, cars, and challenges that this game offers.


Challenging Challenges
LOTS of Tracks
LOTS of Cars


No Career Mode
Lack of licenses (Challenges instead)
Not enough customization (Only 30 cars can be tuned in the faviourites list)

Overall this is the best racing game of PSP I've played so far, and one of the best out of all the consoles, I'm sure Gran Turismo 5 will be all of this and more. A few little things I liked added to this game was the Interior view, even though its mainly blacked out it added a realistic touch to the game. The driving physics are very realistic for a PSP game, they almost surpass that of the PS2 GT3 and GT4.

That concludes my first Gamespot review ever, for Gran Turismo on the PSP Console thanks for reading if you actually read it. :)