Possibly the best Gundam game yet.

While Federation vs Zeon may not be the newest or best looking Gundam game yet, it is incredibly fun. The core gameplay is easy to pick up and never loses the fun. It never gets boring the hack apart Zakus with a beam saber.

The graphics, as I said, are not the best ever, but they are by no means bad. The mobile suits all look good and animate well, even if they are a tad bit square.

The sound is top-notch, with all the voice actors from the original Mobile Suit Gundam dub and the original soundtrack, the sound is very good and very true to the series.

The game wont take you a very long time to finish, say three or four days for the gampaign mode. But with arcade mode, multiplayer, and more mobile suits to unlock, you can stay busy for a while.

In summary, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs. Zeon is a great game that every Gundam fan should own, and any sci-fi/shooter fan should at least rent.