Gran Turismo is where it all started, and it never has been better than this.

User Rating: 10 | Gran Turismo PS
Gran Turismo is the defining achievement in the racing genre. It's not just the birth of the best series in racing games, but it's also the best game to ever hit the scenes that holds the sole purpose of racing. Gran Turismo holds a large bevvy of cars, tracks, options, and depth. It's not a racing game that you'll be unlocking everything with a weekend, you're going to literally be able to spend hundreds of hours here. The tracks, in particular, are very reminiscent of real life. Granted, the game is getting old now, but it's still pretty fun nonetheless. Throughout the last eight or so years, I haven't yet played a better racing game with better tracks (well, except the GT3 reinvention of the circle track -- gorgeous). Actual racing in Gran Turismo is pretty much designed to simulate real life. It's tough to say if it accurately does that, because it's an old PlayStation game, but for it's time there really wasn't anything that even came closer to reality than Gran Turismo did. Granted, that might not be all that close after all's said and done. Overall, Gran Turismo is a fantastic game. Few games rival this game in depth and quality, there isn't really any room for improvement. It's virtually a flawless game, and stands out as the best racing game ever made.