Brilliant Start. Game End wasn't so good.

I Played this at start to in the end where to shot one enemy with colt or something.

At start story was very addictive. Enemies were fun to kill and controls were good.
Shooting monsters with shotgun was fun. Small clip and slow reload was only minus, but those were realistic.
It was good that almost all the time u got friend with u to help killing monsters.
When killing humans. They saw u too fast. Not good stealth game. It was like rush and kill style. I didin't found any bugs in this game.

When going outside and strong enemy comes to you. Well enemies can't be too strong unless they aren't meant to be strong. It's not nice that i have to shoot 3 clips with machinegun from close range.

When got free weapons. Then the game goes downwards and fast. No use for money! Money have to be big part of gameplay.
Enemies were too strong in the mansion where's lot's of books. And they AI? Just jumping over and edge and they following u and u have free time to shoot them. They can't even attack u because too simple AI.
When going in the downstairs with your friends. it would be somehow different part. And the "electric balls"
hahah who makes some kind of explosive balls in horror game??
and that level was really hard for me. I survived every time, but your friend can't even shoot those balls pretty well.
Graphics were good. Even for me (using ati 5770 Vapor-X)
i used Medium textures, dx11 without tesselation. The end was really good looking, but the monster were too slow. a little bit more speed under his/her/it feet would be great !

shooting was fun!