I mean, common, the addictive creativity of this game makes me wonder why you are reading this and havent downloaded it.

Let me start off by saying that the hype of Twilight Princess (Newest Zelda game if you didnt know) could have been satisfied by this game with better graphics. This game is amazing, it is the perfect game to have as a VC game to take around and keep on your Wii. This game is just pure fun. Although I might not recommend it for very small children as I would with a mario game. I say this because some parts do require some thought, but are not extremely hard, so I would say about age 7+. THis game is also very fun for older gamers because of the memories of playing as a child. Ok, so the graphics are very good for their time and still stand strong today. You can also run on angles which was rare when this game originally came out so I congradulate it on that. This game is very fun and gives you the feeling of a free roam environment because the game isnt making you go anywhere, you go where you want to. If you dont feel like going to a dungeon and doing puzzles, then dont, you can roam around the world fighting various knights etc. The music is good, its classic but you cant really say that it was bad because it was very good for its time. Lets just say, it doesnt compare to the full orcestras of today's professional games. Like most classic Nintendo games, I would recommend this to people who want to kill some time (a lot of time in this case) and to parents who want to give their kids something to do.