its not perfection but its really really good, for a remake

My very first pokemon game was actually crystal, a mix of the original silver and gold. I had bought silver right after that and gold much later. I loved those games sooooo much it was the only thing i would play all day and night on my gba. Now im 16 1/2 and still play the game in its latest remake.
GRAPHICS: superb. Its not final fantasy (not saying it should be) but its what we saw it 07 with diamond and pearl. 3D is well blended with the story and works well.
STORY: fight monsters, win badges, fight monsters, beat the best, fight monsters, repeat. still fun.
CONTROL: what we have seen in previous games. The new layout for the bottom screen is well done making picking what you need out much faster than hitting my start button. but the pokedex is little easier to find the monster as well.
SOUND: eh its all the same, they sound like what the original was for some reason, not like now with diamond/pearl.
OVERALL: good just like i remember. Its not perfect but its still tons of fun.