The Beginning !

I think at the time of its release there wasn't anything even closely to compare with Gothic.Although,I'm great fan of this unusual game,through this few words I will try to be as less personal as possible.Gothic is instant classic,first game of Piranha Bytes (believe or not),very innovative,beginning of something unseen till the day.There actually hadn't been a game that gave you so much freedom like Gothic did.You can do whatever you want,just like in real world.When you just have returned from a difficult quest,just go in your hut and take a nap or,even better idea,sit by a fire and fry some meat and have a nice meal.The point is:very,very,very non-linear world of freedom (however it could be in prison colony) and danger you have ever seen till it got out (and still is,by my opinion,there is not a game in which you can check all posibilitiess and then finally make up your mind for who you will work for, and in Gothic series,remember,like in life,you only work for yourself).What else to say? Graphics? Give me a break,its fine.After a while you wont pay any attention to it at all,you will just see a mysterious hero and thinking how to find a way out from...To cut the long story short:play this game! When you finish
it,play the second part,then the third...Best RPG ever made!