Once you get passed the bugs, Gothic 2 is great fun, even more fun to toy with the AI's feelings.

User Rating: 8.2 | Gothic II PC
Gothic 2 is simply amazing, however, i recommend playing the original gothic before because there is much backstory and characters that would definatly confuse a new player. The plot of Gothic 2 is interesting, the world is even more interesting, I wont spoil it for you. Though thats all great, the controls for Gothic are a bit hard to get used to and require a bit of practice. The game is very buggy however, and it can get annoying with crashes and getting stuck in small corners.

Gothic 2 has large diverse land scapes and different lands inhabited by different races and rival groups that all strive for supremecy but band together when the Orcs begin to attack. You can choose your own group to join, you can become a monk, a mercenary, or a knight. There are seperate ranks for all these different groups, and with these ranks comes special spells.

The AI in this game have pretty realistic emotions, if you anger them, they challenge you to a fight, if you defeat them in the public, they get humiliated, if you talk down to someone they hurt or they may plan to kill or frame you. Many of your actions have circumstances and these usually lead to a large amount of side quests that are fun.

Unlike other RPG's, Gothic wont often send you to collect 123125132451 items for no reason, if anything, you will collect things for a new weapon, or new armor for your self. The AI is very helpful when it comes to battles. Messing around in console is just plane fun as well. You can spawn monsters in the middle of town and watch all the NPC's either run for there lives, try to defend there village, but get slaughtered in the process or actually slay the beast.

Graphics - 8
Not bad, nothing spectactular. Nothing out of the norm, though, some buggy flickers tend to happen.

Gameplay - 7
Fun as soon as you can get used to the fighting, after you upgrade your fighting abilities, new combos become usuable and the fighting becomes more interesting. Targeting system is a bit hard to work with however.

Storyplot - 9
Great storyplot, very original, and plane fun. Makes you come back for more just so u can discover the world.

Sound - 8
Great music that gives you the feel to go out and explore or fight or just plane run for your damn life from giant fire breathing dragons and swamp snakes.