This is the best game ever made..

User Rating: 10 | Gothic II: Night of the Raven PC
This game is the best every made.
I have bought polish gothic2 night of the raven.
it gots only good things.
First of all its the best rpg and in poland it costs only 3 euro!
Plot/Story is the best which i have met in a game.
Sound Cool the best and do not bother me.
Graphics are the best which were avaible for the years which it was published.
You could do and explore everything,you can explore every corner of its beauty and mysterious land.
Voice acting in polish was excellent with many funny dialogues.
You can learn tons of abbilities and discover many places.
You can make potions and weapons.You feel scared when going into a Forest ..this is the gothic feeling.
Gothic 2 was the best game i have ever played with gothic 1 and 3(With community patchs)or the so called enhanced edition.
Finally i give this game 100% good job piranha bytes once more.!