San Andreas is the game that will change the way Grand Theft Auto has been played, forever.

If you love the previous Grand Theft Auto games, then you should really check this one out. San Andreas puts you on the streets as Carl Johnson (CJ). His mother has been murdered in a gang war, and now you'll have to put the pieces together to find the killer. There's really no point to wasting time by killing people, using cheats, and messing around. You gotta play the missions first, they're a lot of fun. You should really save the cheats and messing around for when you have access to the 3rd island. There are new car models in this game, some of them go faster, the others are a lot slower. There are also mod shops where you can give your car a complete makeover. CJ has the ability to rise or drop in stamina, muscle, fat, gun skill and more. Some of these stats affect the character's performance in battle. Also, you can now walk in beautifully decorated safe houses, gamble at casinos, sky dive from planes, and gaze at the wonderful landscapes of San Andreas. The characters in this game are very interesting, and San Andreas is the perfect game for any GTA fan.