If I hated this game it would be the apocolypse. In fact I couldn't live without this game!

The long and anticipated wait for this game was well worth it. The return of the realistic link has helped settle the controversy over Zeldas style. With a fresh adventure and a huge cast of characters this game is one reason to own a wii (or gamecube).
First is the returning features. You swing your sword through plenty of dungeons until you save the most tortured princess Zelda. A lot of weapons return like the bow and arrow and bombs. You must solve mind bending puzzles and defeat revolutionary bosses. Now for the new features.
Being a wolf was a risky move. Nintendo could have ruined the game but they didn't. We know have the ability to sense, bite and use Midna's abilities. This added a pleasant twist to the game making it my favorite new feature. I would tell you the great story but I don't want to spoil anything.
Its a great game. Get it. There is no other way to say it. Thanks for reading! :)