Best game I've played in many many years...

User Rating: 10 | Gothic II: Night of the Raven PC
Gothic 2: TNOTR is the best game I've played in many years, maybe only surpassed by Gothic I, which I played like 5 years ago.

Here, were I live, it was hard to get a copy of this expansion set, so I finally had to buy it on the Internet, in English, which is not my native language, but I manage to understand pretty much everything.

I haven't played Gothic III yet, I'm waiting for the day I finish this one with a mage, because I've only played with the mercenary and the Paladin, which weren't much different in the end, but I know that mages are a completely different story.

I give it a 10 because I like it from every angle I look at it, it runs fluently in my PC and it has very nice graphics, they look very real, maybe they're not the most beautiful, but the sense of reality they generate is inimitable.

The sound is also great, it never bothers, and the voice acting, although it's not perfect, it's good enough.

The gameplay is also perfect, you don't have as many things to interact with in the menus and inventory as in other similar games, but it has exactly what it has to have, no more and no less, you'll never find yourself thinking "I would've liked to have more options available"

The plot is amazing, and everybody interacts with you in a different way and with a marked personality.

But the most important thing, you never get bored and you're always learning new tricks and I always wanted to play it again, and I sill want.