It's a creme de la creme. One of the best RPGs ever made.

User Rating: 9.8 | Gothic II PC
Gothic 2 was a surprise. A surprise how great an RPG game can be. Unfortunately, this game hasn't an adequate image and propagation, so it isn't popular enough in the US. And also the Gamespot review is quite underrated (seems to be a bit typical for European games by Gamespot) and this makes the chances for Gothic 2 not much better.

At the start of the game you might be confused by the absence of the mouse cursor. Don't let this discourage you! It is a matter of practice and after a while you'll get familiar with it.

The game may be too hard at the beginning, you might expect problems in battling the enemies which will overpower you and you'll have to find for many of them individual tactics to defeat them. Later on in the game after you've got better equiped and leveled up the combat will be a matter of joy and you'll become an enthusiastic trophy collector.

But the most valuable element of the game is the huge story and the gameplay itself. The plot is sophisticated, logical and you'll never get tired of, the characters you encouter are created as realistic, their personalities are very individual and detailed. Also their (English) voice acting is really excellent and funny. During the whole game you'll never suffer from a feeling of repetition even when you'll have to battle hordes of orcs lately. Also the quests are well designed, logical, funny and believable. The game in its complexity will still have much to offer, there are many hidden secrets and many surprises.

The graphics is well made, like in Morrowind there is every piece placed and every place designed individualy, especially in the "New World". You'll have to keep your eyes open, because there are everywhere plenty of objects you may pick up, especially plants. Also every human character in the game has its own face lines and characteristics. Only the design of the Valley of the mines looks a bit clumsy, it seems that the programmers exhausted all their energy and inspiration on the mentioned immensive New World.

The sound (the mentioned voice acting inclusive) is astonishing and varies immediately from place to place and from occasion to occasion with smart and subtle transitions from one theme to another. So you will, for example, know when the music becomes more tense that there are enemies or monster lurking in the near and prepared to attack you.

There might be complains about the controls, tough combats and the fact you cannot heal during a fight. But on the other side this is not an action game with constantly respawning monsters. The fights are not the primary element of the game and you'll mostly have to encounter not more than 1-2 enemies at once. And once learned the controls and found your own tacticts it will be great fun too.

At least - Gothic 2 is a great game, truly one of the best RPGs ever made. There are really few similar ones with such a story and virtual universe. It deserves among the Dungeon&Dragons games an honorable place in the Hall of Fame together with Morrowind, the Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights or Arcanum.