One of my favorite games of all time!

This game was probably my favorite game of all time! Even if you aren't the intellectual type and have never even heard of Ayn Rand, this game can still be fun for you.
I thought the game was going to scary me all the time, it didn't, which, to me, wasn't really a let down. The game was scary and disturbing on some parts so that kept me entertained.
The plasmids were something I dearly loved and I was quickly addicted to the DLC Sonic Boom. The shotgun was my weapon of choice but ammo was somewhat scarce at times so you had to make due. It was realistic (as realistic as a game in which you use drugs to gain super powers and you play in an underwater world with giant divers with drills can be) and immersive. I was quickly addicted to this game and enjoyed every moment of it.
The only thing that annoyed me was the use of "the good guy/bad guy ending". It was pointless and unessecary. Also the fact that you could respawn without any penalty whatsoever was kind of lame. However, it didnt stop me from loving the game.
The game made you feel as if you were actually underwater in a collapsing city filled with drugged up nuts and Little Sisters. It was really tense and the storyline was great and presented well.
Heres hoping Bioshock 2 will be better! This game is a definite buy!! Its only about $30 dollars now. Go buy it!