A fun shooter for a reasonable price.

Back in 1998, Ritual Entertainment released it's first game Sin, at the exact same time as the first Half-life. It was a fun first person shooter with a B-grade plot and awesome multiplayer. Unfortunately, all the attention was stolen by Half-life as it won Game Of The Year awards from just about every magazine and website that covers PC games. Still, Sin had an expansion pack (Wages of Sin) and a community that created some awesome multiplayer maps. You can check out the orginal Sin game after you install Emergence, but be warned: it's quite dated by today's standards!

Sin Episode 1: Emergence

Gameplay - The gameplay is similar to Half-life 2. There are no third-person cutscenes meaning that you are always in control. There are only 3 weapons, but they all have a powerful secondary fire mode. I like the magnum's secondary fire, where it shoots a depleted uranium round which can penetrate through most walls and through several enemies. Your enemies include mercenaries, chain-gunners, flying robots, and mutants. My favorite has got to be the mercs with jetpacks. It's fun to shoot their jetpack and see them fly around like a deflating balloon in the air before exploding and plumetting to the ground as they scream.

Graphics - Emergence uses the Source engine which was used in Half-life 2 and other Valve games. The characters are very detailed as are the environments. Like Half-life 2, Emergence uses the Havok physics system which provides more hilarity as you blast away your oponents.

Sound - The sound has improved greatly since the first Sin game. Voice acting is top notch and not cliche at all. I like how you can hear the soldiers yelling in the distance as they get ripped apart by mutants...

Value - The singleplayer game alone is worth $20. Multiplayer and a SDK will be free and released before Episode 2 comes out.

Verdict - Get this game if you love challenging shooters and big boobs.