Probably the best RPG i have ever played.

User Rating: 9.1 | Gothic II PC
a fantastic game that puts you in an open ended world with total freedom to do as you please. every choice you make influences what you do in the game. there are 3 main secs you can join each with different attributes and strenghts making for a lot of replay value. all the peopel are interactable and will repsond to your actions. the controls can be a lil clunky but u get used to them and the graphics are standard but great for such a big game. the game wont run well on all PCs and its recommended that you have a stronger PC to playt his game. all the people have voices of there own and spoken diologue. the music is very atmosphereic and is really one of the games strong points. its a game of desicion making, twist and turns, and of epics. no rpg fan should pass it up.