Add more mini games to the Wii's library

The games included on the Wii Play disc are fun for a while but not forever. Like Wii sports they are more or less to show people how the Wii's control works, and hence are good to be used for parties or something to show friends how fun the system is. Im sure that most people, like myself, bought the game mostly because it comes with a Remote.

Gameplay 8- through various minigames people will learn how the Wii Remote works. They there is some fun factor here to be had.
Graphics 7- Not too special, but they show off what the Wii is capable off.
Sound 6- Sound effects that are cute and appropriate to the game.
Replay Value 5- Low- This game will mostly likely be used only for parties.
Fun Factor- 7- High

My final score- 6.6