User Rating: 10 | Gothic II PC
This game is without doubt the best RPG game I have ever played, and I played many of them. It has everything: Great story line, full freedom and nonlinear play, perfectly balanced gameplay and some of the best graphics and atmosphere I have ever experienced in a RPG game. This is the first perfect 10 I have given to any game here on Gamespot, but this one is truly a great investment. To me it came as a lightning out of a clear sky. I never heard of Gothic at all before I played this one, but once I started playing I could not move away from my computer before it was entirely solved. I am happy to see there are still great game companies out there who make excellent games, even if they do not have powerful brands or huge adverti****t budgets in their back. So, I feel lucky I discovered Gothic 2, despite it's lack of hype. Even after the game is solved, it offers great replayability, as you can play through the story from many different angles, and each quest can usually be solved in many different ways that will have an impact on how things appear later. You should not consider yourself a true fan of the genre without having played through this one. Just be careful to get it if you have any plans of social activities the following two weeks! :)