User Rating: 9.5 | Gothic II PC
I love RPG's but have yet to ever finish one (I think). Morrowind was a great game and is extremely epic in scope, but I got bored (I still recommend it though). GothicII is one game I plan on finishing. It has held me attention for many hours so far and I still have a long way to go. Here's my justification of scores: Gameplay - 10: This game is fun. I love when developers say "Here's a world...go have fun". You can just wander around the world as you see fit. I had one troublesome moment when an NPC would aggro on me because I had something he wanted. I could not beat him. So, I jumped off a cliff, into a lake, and swam around him. Yeah, awesome. There's so much to do and so many paths you can take your character (paladin, mercenary, mage, subquests, apprenticeships, etc...). Graphics - 8: This is not Morrowind. Morrowind wins hands down. But, the graphics are not bad either. Its good enough for me to want to take a screenshot in some instances. One thing with regards to graphics that it does have over Morrowind is trees...lots of em. When you're in a forest and off the path, it really feels like it. Also, the spell effects are some of the best ever seen in a game. Sound - 8: Music is good. Ambient sounds are good. But nothing really stands out. Value - 10: You can play this game over and over and never have it turn out the same way twice. Estimates say 50-70 hours a game for each guild and there are 3 different guilds to join. That's a lot of gametime and I won't be doing all 3. Reviewer's Tilt - 10: Unforunately, this game is going to go down in history as one of the most underrated. C'mon, Gamespot doesn't even have a review for it yet. Why? This is a very fun game and one I can't stop thinking about. It's a must have for all RPG'ers. I just hope the developer releases the expansion pack (Night of the Raven) in the US. I'm definately picking it up if they do.