I review many games. And this one I Enjoyed. Play it.

Firstly let me say that 4.5 is slightly harsh. I mean Aliens Colonial Marines is not world changing or even at the "top" tier of recent games but it is certainly, and I say this with certainty, not that bad.

Graphics wise it is good, the environment looks nice, but the characters look slightly dated, however it is not too bad or by any means game ruining.
I felt truly immersed in the game, I like the way it looked and that's that. The spaceship looked good, the space environment was realistic and I enjoyed it.

The story is same-old, same-old but worth the play through.

The aliens are not that intelligent and there are many of them, however killing them feels good as the sound effects are decent as well as the weapons you use to kill them. There are not too many alien types but I did not find that too troublesome.

Where I think many are disappointed is that the game lies way more to the "Action" side of the scale instead of the "Survival Horror" side. People were most probably expecting more scares, similar to Dead Space 3.
However there are a few tense moments in the game that can be enjoyed although most of it is shooting up aliens.

The game is not boring as this Reviewer states it is, its fun to play and shooting the aliens is fun.

The campaign felt more than 5 hours as the Reviewer puts it, it was a decent play through and took me about 3 days to do it with a fair sense of dedication.
Over-all the campaign is neat.