User Rating: 9.4 | Gothic II PC
Be honest! Are you easily put off by:

Less-than-perfect voice acting? (Cringe)
clumsy interfaces? (Life's too short!)
German developer? (Never heard of - can't be good)
Graphics 3 years old? (You must be joking!)

Think again.

Cause this is easily the BEST.RPG.EVER. Make it your personal quest to check out the demo and you shall find great treasure. Do yourself a favour and crank up anti-aliasing on your graphics card to max, cause there is no in-game option. Granted, graphics-wise it's not Oblivion but then again, who cares when the story it so good, the gameplay so addictive and the world so immersive! When the game was released in 2003, most PCs couldn't handle it. Nowadays, you can play it on your laptop with everyting maxed out.

Check out some of the walkthroughs / FAQs/ Survival guides and tweak some of the settings (key map health restore and mana).

This is not meant to be a review, merely a plea to give this game the recognition it deserves. For a good review, read this: