Takes some time to learn about the goofy combat system, but once you get a hold of the game you'll be playing for weeks

User Rating: 8.2 | Gothic II PC
This game is indeed amazing within the RPG genre, although it disposes of a ,rather more difficult to learn then usual, combat system, one you mastered it, you can see that it is a welcomed change from the tradition "click on the monster that is of equal or lower level then you and watch your STR points to everything, automatically, for you", this fighting system is one of the characteristics that really makes the Gothic series worth playing, here you have to be on the constant lookout for your enemies' moves and use a "chase-and-click" system, although the bow/crossbow system could be better, it will still make you want to walk around with some arrows. The storyline is intense and rich for all the hardcore RPG fans, and interesting for the common gamer, also, the fact that a monster's "level" isn't available for you to see before fighting, could make some people think less of the game, but true RPG fans will grant it some extra points for realism. As for graphics, well this is were it goes down a bit, the scenario is amazing and most monsters look great, but you might want to take a better look at the wolfs' head and the jumping animation will still make anyone laugh, yet the graphics are still good and most computers nowadays could run it on maximum detail without many problems. In conclusion, if your up for a challenging game, love role-playing, loved the first Gothic and are willing to take 1 hour (or more) to master the control system and a few more hours to learn that "if it looks big and hairy it will probably kill you", then this is the game for you, although I've seemed to state a lot of it's flaws, believe me, those are the only ones it has, the game is just amazing, once you get pass these small adversities and get into the game itself, you will find yourself playing Gothic 2 for several weeks. At least until you convince someone into giving money to buy better computer parts in order to achieve the recommended requirements for Gothic 3, a game that fixed almost all the bugs of Gothic 2, but demands that you have a super computer...