Trial and error gameplay, bad fighting system... In a world so beautiful and full of life that you just forget all that.

User Rating: 9.4 | Gothic II PC
The storyline is something of a cliche, not very innovative, but what fill is just great...
Although the voice acting is ludicrous at times and the fighting system and physics engine quite poor, the world, both people and environment, is fantastic. The way you quest and explore, the way you develop your skills in, combat of course, but also taking trophies, brewing potions, and so on, this just makes it a great deal of fun, if you don't mind the bad things, which sometimes get kind of stupid.
The graphics are technically rather good, but no more. It is although well and enough to make the world come alive in all its glory, something it does only thanks to the superb designing of all the environment. A fantastic environment.
I am aware of the bad, and it is perhaps quite a lot, but this i still one of the best game i ever played.