User Rating: 8.2 | Gothic 3 PC
I'll start by saying that my CPU is an AMD 2000 w/ 768MB RAM and a 256MB Graphics card. So yes I have to endure the all white seisure friendly screen shots from time to time and yes the game slows down a lot. That said I don't care I am still giving this a perfect score since this is one of the best games I've played in a long time and I am a fan of the series. The music is awesome, the graphics are awesome, the story line is awesome, and everything else I can't think of right now is awesome. So to sum everything up this game is awesome in every way and even though I have to deal with the performance issues I am still hooked.

Update. I've beaten this game now and am adjusting my review. After going out and getting a new computer I was dissapointed that the makers of this game said it isn't Vista compatible. I eventually got it to work by finding my old saved games and moving them to the new system and loading them but even with a new system that satisfied the recommended requirements for this game it was still buggy. The white screen still flashed and the blacksmith from Nordmar wasn't even there. So bottom line i'm still recommending this game but beware if you have Vista and hopefully next time these guys will spend more time on testing their software before they release it.