When i wathching Piranha Bytes name i havent suspicion about game sound and grafic. But a liitle problems...!

User Rating: 7.5 | Gothic 3 PC

Piranha Bytes famous for shining gothic seris .

When i wathching Piranha Bytes name i havent suspicion about game sound and grafic . But all Piranha Bytes games have a problem that they cant solve it yet.

Piranha Bytes dont know what doing with nice game play . game must be in line of story mode or free !!?

In gothic 3 we free to travel to other nations country in game start time .
choose character abilities and grow it .

but we have a problems .for most questions you must go to far and new villages . in new villages dont solve problem and you take another quest for solving your old quest and you must travel to other village . in fact you must travel & travel without a story line & this is bad point .

In gothic 2 situation is better . you choose your character but you dont need travel to far distance.

Piranha Bytes almost nice with 7.5 score but this is not importent for gothic seris lovers. they vote 7.5 but love to play it.

score 8 in gamespot must be great for Piranha Bytes cuz NICE gothic 3 only recived 7.8 from gamespot.com

I wish Piranha Bytes back to gothic 2 story line mode .

About gothic 3 dont suspicion about :

Grafic / gameplay / sound / music / beautiful vistas /

swords is more . you can fight with two hands.

bow and crossbows not change .

you can collect more coins in game.

you can cooperation with 1 nation.but you can work for alls.

Hunting in deers very nice.

and etc..... . you must play it for now . its amazing game. but i think gothic 2 is better .

Certainly you have problem with questes but dont worry you can solve it by many gothic 3 game lovers forums .

gothic 2 or 3 only Pc games that players play it till new version .Because game take more time of player and gameplay time so long.

* when game end you can play it again . cause yo dont play it with another methods . in example : you can play again with a good hunter character goal ( with highest bow rank )

or beeing a good robber or cooperationwith orcs or rangers or ............. .

But i sure you dont start game again till 4 or 6 monthes.

Dont forget : you maybe cant solve all questions but you can joy from RISEN.