Great RPG, free roaming but repetetive combat and technical issues

User Rating: 7.2 | Gothic 3 PC
First i'm just gonna start on the technical issues that i've found:

When i first installed the game i was pretty much amazed of the graphics and not lagging or any kind. But i was actually met with a blow which countered that reaction, i met glitches and bugs which they haven't fixed yet. I found out on some mountains you can just climb up and get passed a wall easy enough. The combat is VERY repetetive when you know the combat, i met SEVERAL bugs

Minors: Messing up the screen, can't see what you write on consol thing, you just see white or red squares, when crawling around you might get up some framerate counter and several other programs which is squared out, sometimes the landscapes just dissapear if you walk on it you just messed it up more, sometimes when turning around it is 10x times more sensitive
i'm pretty much sure i found more..can't remember them.

Glitches: there is a waterfall in the game where you can do a jump, land in the middle and end up on top, you can alse jump on mountain sides and jump up.

Majors: crash bugs...yes that's right bugS...many.

As i said, the battles are very repetetive, block and attack, block and attack. Pretty much the same all the time!

Before the real review starts i need to say the difficulty kinda movies around and can't decide how easy or hard the game should game.

But aside from all that, if you can remove all those bugs and other problems (pray to God for that) you can actually see the graphics of the landscapes are what you can say Beautiful, when you see a tree far away then you can really see how really great the graphic engine is when you see what it IS designed for. Incredible immensive world, you can travel far wide around that area and see new stuff wherever you go! I've been to every town and look around there and discover a new town. However in the desert you can get lost....which i'm pretty sure the developers are saying "WE TOOK OUR TIME IN THIS GAME AND THIS IS OUR REVENGE!" yea, it's a joke :P

anyways. I recommend first you borrow this first then see if you like it.

PS: if you see a troll, run, see 2 trolls run your ass off, see 3 trolls you run even faster while hoping for help is coming. See 3 trolls holding hands while running away, teleport away and pretend you never saw it...