great :D yes it is great, one of the best dbz games, yes.

i like this game very much, and it is much greater than RB although the graphics are the same, they have changed the lighting and shadow stuff to make it more... defined, lol. allthough a characters story mode isnt very long, some of the fights can be challenging for those who enjoy fighting against the odds, and wanting a good challenge the way you power up people is better in this game, for those who didnt completely understand it in RB, because, it was like tetris... but that was good, AND SO IS THIS! the combos are better, longer, stronger, and yeah. RAGIN SOUL COMBO'S YEEE, i say, its worth the money, and there are more characters in it, which is spot on, and the fighting is more complex, and a bit better for begginers looking for results fast. the music is bevin, (batle of omega i think) its awesome, and the starting cutscene, is really good.