Gothic 3 RPG is a true gem.

User Rating: 9 | Gothic 3 PC
I just love RPG, and one of the best reasons to like them is a game like Gothic 3. Gothic 3 is a game you must unveil, not because it hide something from you but because it grows on you in time.

Most important:
This review is based on Patch 1.60

Some Background:
You play as a hero finding his land ruled by the Orcs which also enslaves all humans who stopped believing in their freedom. As you wonder in this huge open environment you'll encounter lots of treasures, artifacts, materials etc.
You'll get the opportunity to arm yourself with a lot of weapons and enchantments, and there are a lot of tasks to complete in this wonderful and mysterious game.

Game features:
1) The atmosphere is great.
2) The graphics is really good.
3) The shading is good enough so everything looks flashing.
4) The sound and effects are marvelous.
5) The in-game speech is quite good - it seems the developers did a lot of good work.
6) The game is fascinating and the tasks are really challenging.
7) You have a lot to explore: A lot of side-tasks, a lot of creatures, humans and orcs to defeat.
8) The main story is wonderful - You really feel like a part of the story.
9) The performance is good enough (With patch 1.60).

If you like RPG - Don't listen to those who say that this is not a good game.
Try it - I think you'll enjoy it.