This game manages to put in everything a racing fan would like except online play and length.

This game is great many ds owners should own this game even if you dont like handheld racing games but unfortunatly thanks to the lack of online play not much people would want to own this game also not to mention because of the games length that only lasts for two days.Ok gameplay is great it feels like a console game but just in your hands so because of this you should own it because it's always good to have a big system game on the road (for the ds).The graphics aren't that impressive because of what I've heard it could've been better like Underground 2 but i don't know cuz i didn't get that game.The sound is like perfect because I never thought that you would be able to hear music that good on the DS.I'd say if you can gather four people than this game could truly last long but if you can't gather four people than you must be really bored (like me) for this game to last long.